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What is EfM?

EfM is a comprehensive educational programme involving an intense study of Christianity. Participants learn from their own experience, from other Christians, and from the traditions of the faith expressed in Scripture and in the history of the Church. EfM provides formation for the ministry to which every baptised person is called. Ministry 'in' the Church (the practice of the Christian life) and Ministry 'of' the Church (the engagement in mission to the world) are elements of the vocation of all who have been baptised.

Participants do private study of set readings and attend weekly or fortnightly groups in which their growing understanding of our tradition is related back to their everyday lives and experiences.

Unlike formal theological study EfM relates Scripture to Real and Everyday Life. There are neither exams nor assessment tasks apart from the individual student’s own. Also, the groups are always small and the members decide if and when a new person joins, except at the beginning of a new year. Thus it can be used to complement study for a degree or diploma, or as stand-alone study for those who do not have an academic interest or ability.

Who is EfM Suitable For?

What Does Participation in EfM Cost?

EfM requires a considerable investment of time and energy as each participant engages in a continuous process of reading, reflecting, sharing and praying. Most participants use 150 hours per year in private study, and about 100 hours per year working with a group.

The individual cost of enrolment in a year of EfM depends upon the size of the local group. In Australia, the cost is split into a fee for each participant and a group fee. These fees cover the cost of materials, national support for the programme, and training of mentors.

To find out about current groups operating in the Perth diocese, or the current costs of the programme please contact the Diocesan Coordinator.

Who Do I Contact About Joining an EfM Group in my Area or Starting One Myself?

Contact The Revd Greg Davies, the EfM Perth Diocesan Co-ordinator on: Phone: (089) 284 5197; or email: