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Election 2019

What we can expect now

With the 2019 Australian Federal election result appearing to be a significant victory for the coalition parties, this is what we can expect for the next three years:

  1. More reductions in public sector services
  2. Tax cuts for those on high incomes, but little or no relief for low-income earners
  3. Unemployment benefits lagging further behind the poverty line
  4. Genuine asylum seekers continuing to be defamed and deprived of liberty despite having done nothing wrong and seeking refuge from régimes where they feel unsafe
  5. Promised projects being put off for another three years, or more
  6. Token support, or less, for the renewable energy sector despite it potentially being a huge export earner
  7. More investment in coal mining/exports when the use of coal is already decreasing worldwide, and the UK - previously a huge user of coal for generating electricity - has achieved a week with NO coal used for that purpose
  8. No planning for the next GFC, which is considered likely in the short term, or for the downturn in industries like coal and the rise of industries like electric and hydrogen powered vehicles
  9. Continued third rate internet services
  10. Few, if any, serious and real penalties for problems in the financial sector
  11. More exports of instruments of war with little effort to reduce conflict and understand those with different cultures
  12. An abject failure of the Australian government to show leadership on the issue of climate change and its impact on other nations, on plants and animals, and thus on our food chain, as well as on the biodiversity which allows the earth to continue to be suitable for human occupation
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© 2019 Steven Secker, Social Justice Advocate