Musings on Scripture

– and what isn’t always said


Welcome to a time for Reflections.

If all goes well, each Tuesday I will post a reflection on one of the passages of scripture set for Holy Communion in the Anglican Church of Australia for the forthcoming Sunday. I used to be running a week behind that but now I’m preparing the reflections ahead of the Sunday concerned.

I was born in the UK and lived there until the family migrated to Australia, where I completed my schooling. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree I obtained post-graduate qualifications in weather forecasting and in teaching, but I’m an educator, not a teacher.

I completed a post-graduate Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1993, and have been active in my roles within the Anglican Church. In many of the parishes in which I have worshipped over the years I have preached, either occasionally or regularly. In the early 2000s I trained as a mentor for the Education for Ministry programme, which looks at scripture, church history and theologians over a four-year study period, and in 2008 was part of the ministry team at the Anglican cathedral in Bunbury.

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