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What We Can Do For YOU

1. Conference and Seminar audio services

Our standard service

We can attend your conference and record each of the main talks. The recordings are given a basic edit which eliminates unwanted pauses and interruptions as well as excessive "um"s and "er"s. Cassettes and CDs are then made to order for $15 each or slightly less for multiple CD/cassette recordings.

Our 'A' grade service

If we are engaged well before the conference we are able to provide all participants with a full set of plenary session recordings for as little as $5 a session (which can be included in the registration fee for the event) and will be on-site throughout the conference for a full audio-visual support service. A higher standard of editing is included to make the final product worth having. You will note that our 'A' grade service is both much better and significantly cheaper. Interested? Then email Steven for details.

Why don't we have on-site duplication of cassettes?

Having spent a number of years as a producer of radio programmes I am very much aware that we tolerate many pauses, noises, and other interruptions to our listening when we are in the same place as the speaker. Listening to a recording is another matter altogether. The length of every pause is critical, every stumble sounds much worse when replayed and can become very annoying if played several times. Since our aim to have people listen over and over again to the material presented in your conference editing is vital. In most cases the edited recording is of broadcast standard, and a number of excerpts have been used on the ABC.

Do we cover conferences away from Perth?

The short answer to that is YES. Organisers of conferences away from our home base may be pleasantly surprised by the low cost of us contributing to the success of your venture.

2. CD/Cassette duplication

For those still using cassettes we have our own real-time duplication facility for copying them. Speed copying generally does not give the same quality of product and has several other problems. We also provide a CD duplication service.

These facilities are available to duplicate any suitable material subject to copyright clearances (if necessary). Obviously costs vary according to the length and quantity of each recording so please email Steven to get a quote for your job.

3. Location recordings

Many "fine" music performances are worth recording if for no other reason than to keep a record. Some of these events have also been recorded to help raise funds. The venue and size of the venture have a significant bearing on the cost so let Steven know your requirements and he will get back to you with a quote.